!! Border Blast 2012 !!

Your Local Demo Event

Saturday 3rd March - Show Day @ BikeSeven, Longtown

Sunday 4th March - Demo Day @ Newcastleton 7Stanes


Some changes to the actual bikes that are being supplied, please check lists below...

Also, there will be a boobie prize for the muddiest rider on the day!


Okay folks, below we have the list of Bikes available at the Border Blast!

(Where possible we've add links so if you click on the bike title, it will link to the product page and you can see the specs and information for it.)

Bionicon Bikes

Bionicon Golden Willow Dual Suspension 140mm

Bionicon Edison Ltd Dual Suspension 140mm

Bionicon Reed Medium Dual Suspension 140mm

Bionicon Alva Medium Dual Suspension 160mm

Bionicon Alva Large Dual Suspension 160mm

Bionicon Alva Large Dual Suspension 180mm

Roger from Bionicon will be coming up to join in the event, and as he likes to ride as much as we do, he will be running two rides through the day and taking out Bionicon demo-ers.

So, he will be doing one outing at 10am, and a second in the afternoon at 1pm, the rides will last about 90 minutes.

If your keen on Bionicon's this is a great chance to really try them out.

If there's any bigger riders out there, Roger can bring along an XL framed bike but get in touch soon so he can put it in his van!

Kona Bikes: The Long Sweet Ride

Kona Hei Hei Deluxe Dual Suspension 19" 2-9er

Honzo 20" 2-9er

Splice 18" 2-9er

Kahuna 18" 2-9er

Tanuki Deluxe Dual Suspension 18" 130mm

Entourage Deluxe Dual Suspension Medium 170mm

Saracen Bikes

**Sorry folks, there won't be an Ariel to Demo anymore, but there will be an Ariel 142 to drool over..**

Saracen Myst Downhill Dual Suspension 2011 200mm

Zen X 19" 140mm

Kili Flyer 17" 120mm

Mantra X 17" 120mm

Mantra Expert 17" 120mm

Orbea Bikes

Okay, here's the confirmed list of Orbea Bikes, mainly hardtails with an added race Pedigree Full Susser!

Alma H50 29-er Hardtail Medium 100mm

Alma S50 29-er Hardtail Medium 100mm

Alma H50 Hardtail Medium 100mm

Oiz 3 Carbon Full Suspension Medium 100mm

What to do next?

Give us an email saying what bike you'd like to Demo and what time of day you'd like to ride, then we'll add you to our list of riders, and email back to confirm a time with you.


While we will have a big selection of bikes on the day, many of them will be booked out at various times, so if you turn up without booking, you may end up experiencing a ride on a bike that you'd never planned for, that's sometimes how the best things in life happen!

What we suggest you bring with you:

Yourself: This is a no brainer!

Identification (Drivers License/Passport): This is essential,       No ID, No Riding of shiny new bikes!

Appropriate Clothing: It may be wet, it may be dry, we don't know, it is the Borders after all!

Your own pedals and shoes: If you want to try the bikes with your usual cycling footwear. (Standard flat pedals will be on all bikes otherwise.)

Your Cycling Gear: HELMET!!! We won't give you a bike without one! Also, We won't have enough multi-tools and puncture repair kits to go round, we'll help out where we can, but otherwise bring your own. 

You will have to fill in a few forms on the day, so bring your writing hands as well!

 As mentioned previously, we will have local catering at Dykecroft and Energy Drinks provided free by Clif, so bring your pocket money for food and a bottle for some energy juice!

So if you have any questions or know which bikes you would like to Demo and what time, please email us.



How to get to Newcastleton? Click Here...

 Follow the signs for the 7Stanes trails or the Border Blast Arrows that'll look like this...

The Trails

If your haven't ridden at Newcastleton 7Stanes before, there's a skill's loop with practice obstacles for honing your skills. A Red Trail, that can be done in 45 minutes or 90 minutes! with lots of lovely single track and a nice little Red Graded downhill section at the end. There is also a blue trail which will take about 30 minutes which has some really nice fast sweeping single track, the link to 7Stanes is below, click for more info.

7Stanes Newcastleton