Opening times for Christmas
Okay folks, our christmas opening times are as follows:
 22nd of December at 4pm
23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th Dec - CLOSED 
28th Dec - Open as Usual
29th Dec - Open as Usual
30th Dec, 31st Dec - Closed
1st Jan - Closed (Happy New Year!!)
2nd Jan - Closed
3rd Jan - Open again as usual :)

Saddle do nicely for cycling family
Tim Millidge from Penrith scooped the top prize in a Tour of Britain competition, courtesy of BikeSeven and Raleigh!

Tim won the Raleigh Airlite 200 road bike, worth £650 after entering the Discover Carlisle competition online. However Tim kindly opted to get four bikes for his family instead of the road bike.
Our very own Levi van Belzen said: "The response the competition received is great. The area is blessed with great cycling routes and scenery."
Twenty runner-up prizes  - Raleigh Rx7.0 lightsets - were also won.

News & Star 5/11/12

Weehoo UK Community
Visit the Weehoo UK Community website for more information on the Weehoo kids bike trailer. http://weehoobiketrailer.co.uk/


Fancy a new Road Bike? Now's your chance!  
To Celebrate the Tour of Britain starting Stage 4 in Carlisle, we have teamed up with Raleigh to offer you the chance to win your very own Raleigh Airlite 200.  

Just enter the online competition on the link below...


BikeSeven eBike Week. 16th June to 23rd June.

Never tried an eBike? Well nows you chance.
After the success of our first eBike week, we're following it on with another, which coincides nicely with National Bike Week.

Go on, give it a go!

Several different models to choose from, take them out, see what they could do for you.



BikeSeven eBike Week. 26th May to 2nd June.

Never tried an eBike? Well nows you chance.
Several different models to choose from, take them out, see what they could do for you.


Border Blast 2012!!

We had a Great Day up at Newcastleton 7Stanes.  The response to the Bikes we had with us was fantastic!   
The Bionicon models were put through their paces, its a technology that just reading about doesn't quite do justice!
Orbea 29-ers were well ridden and generated a lot of happily surprised faces!
The Kona models left some people quite out of puff, the 'Entourage' is not a X-country bike! The 'Hei Hei Deluxe' however went down a storm!
Saracen reminded us just how much fun you can have on a Cro-Mo framed bike!

Thanks to Clif Energy Products for keeping us hydrated and full of Electrolytes, Juice Lubes (and the riders) for helping keep the bikes clean throughout the day, Endura for the goody bags and of course Copshaw Catering for keeping us filled with warm tea for the Day!

p.s. we still have ex-demo ridden NukeProof Electron Pedals that were on the bikes for the day, all in really good condition, £25, email us if you want a pair!

Anyhoo, we've got some pictures from the event, they are on Facebook, so click the link below and check them out.

(If the link doesn't work, you will have to make friends with us on Facebook, its okay, we don't bite!)

til the next Border Blast... (keep March 2013 free in your diary!)



Looking to set up a cycling group? Or do you need to replace an aging fleet of school activity Bikes? 

BikeSeven is able to help you out! 

With a large range of brands and bike options, BikeSeven can supply your demands, backed up by a superb aftercare package, our aim is to get bums on saddles and faces smiling!

GRAFTED, based in Newcastleton, who's mission is to Give Hope to those with No Hope, took ownership a Fleet of Saracen Zen and Mantra Bike's last month, with every aim of putting the bikes through their paces we're sure!

Visit Grafted for more information on what they do.

If you have any questions or want to discuss what options are available, do get in contact, by phone or email.

tel: 01228 792497

Welcome to 2012 with the fastest bike in the world!

Wednesday 11th January 2012
Cumbria & South West Scotland Launch Event with Drew Wilson from Ridley.

--On the Night Offer--
Ltd Edition Full Carbon 
for Under £1000!
-- only in size medium (54cm) --
New Years Reception and Launch from 16:00hr - 20:00hr
(with belgian delicacies for all guests.
savoury or sweet, we'll have something for you to eat!)

New Years Opening Times
31st Dec - 9am-1pm
1st Jan - Closed
2nd Jan - Closed
3rd Jan - Open as Usual

Christmas Greetings from BikeSeven

Kona at BikeSeven.
Come try the 
Long Sweet Ride 
for yourself.
For Demo we have: 
Tanuki Deluxe 18"


BikeSeven is proud to announce a new brand to the Stable, Kona.

My first true mountain bike was a Kona Hahana, a nice cromo frame that was to small for me, but it saw me through my first adventures to the 7Stanes.  Today it is a bit of a different bike, clad with slick tyres and a single chainring it blasts around town, still going strong.

And that's exactly what Kona brings to the table.  A Strong, Durable and, in many ways, unique brand. 
Bikes ranging from the work horse 'Ute' to their freshly designed 'Supreme Operator'.

Like BikeSeven, Kona have a little of something for everyone.  So come along and see what we have for you.


So, its November, the clocks have had their wicked way and now we're thrown into darkness in the afternoon.  It's a shame as i was just getting into Road Cycling, ah well, time to put the mudguards on the road bike and then dig out the Bionicon to ride the Trail Centres. 

At BikeSeven, the month of October has been busy. 2012 Products have been landing every week, we've been building up new bikes ready to hit the trails, getting in winter essentials to make riding safer if your on the road, or brighter if your heading into the woods on a night time.

Pop by and see whats new, and join us for some product launches and seasonal festivities...


Eurobike is over again for another year, it was fun, sunny, eye opening, inspiring and encouraging. When i say 'encouraging' i mean that after checking out the brands we're working with, we can see they are really pushing great quality products again, keeping costs realistic and showing some really fresh colours and styles for the next 12 months.

Over the next month, we will be launching these new products and styles to you, our customers.  There are a few exclusive highlights coming to BikeSeven, so keep your eyes open. (i'll give you a clue, look at our brands page...)

Its EuroBike Time!

This means BikeSeven will be
from Monday 29th August at 1pm and we will
on Saturday 3rd September at 9am

We feel this is essential training for staff members and for our customers, seeing and learning all of what's new for 2012 and passing this on to you

To minimise any inconvenience to you, please arrange servicing and delivery ahead of these dates.  We will endeavour to get them sorted for you before we leave, and you can get out and ride again.
So, we will not be here for the week but we will leave some vouchers in our drop box so you can save when we re-open. 

p.s if you have anything you'd like us to investigate while we're there, please let us know, our schedule over there is pretty hectic but we'll do our best.

It's the season for getting out on your bike. So, if your Cycling L.E.J.O.G and need a quick tweak, or just want to get that dusty thing out the shed and see if it'll still work, pop on by, we're here to help get you riding again.

BikeSeven Cycle Service
Find Your Trail...


We still have some 2010 bikes that we're selling at excellent prices.

Adult Bikes start start from £189
 Get riding. Enjoy yourself.

Also, while you're here, ask us about our Customer Loyalty Card

Find Your Trail... @ BikeSeven


Happy New Year!
How was it for you? Hectic? Relaxed? Cold?!! It seemed a lot of people had come down with a bug that has been going round, not good, especially since the cold weather in December kept everyone off their bikes anyway for fear of slipping and falling on the icy roads!
So, take some time to recover, eat some Vitamin rich foods (or any christmas dinner leftovers!), keep an eye on what the weatherman says and get out there for 2011!

We've some lovely winter days ahead of us, crisp mornings, low temperatures, ideal for keeping the body temperature comfortable, and if its too cold, i'm sure there's some local business that can help out with winter clothing...
We hope to see you soon!

Find Your Trail... @ BikeSeven


It’s Christmas Again!

So you don’t get left out, keep a note of these dates.

We're here on Christmas Eve for all those last minute gifts!

Dec 24th – 9.15am to 4.30pm

Dec 25th – Closed

Dec 26th – Closed

Dec 27th – Closed

Dec 28th – Closed

Dec 29th  –  9.15 – 5.30

Dec 30th  –  9.15 – 5.30

Dec 31st  –  9.15 – 3.00

Jan 1st – Closed

Jan 2nd – Closed

Jan 3rd – Closed

Jan 4th – Open again as usual

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,

but it is Christmas time, and we need to digest our Christmas dinners too!

Find Your Trail... @ BikeSeven


Orbea Bikes Now at BikeSeven!

Made in Europe, Designed to your Specifications, come and see what Orbea can do for you!

Find Your Trail... @ BikeSeven


2011 isn't here yet....

Christmas is just around the corner, and (in the bike world) 2011 is already here, with Everyone harping on about getting the new Model 2011 bikes, we're thinking, It's still 2010, why don't we just sell 2010 bikes.  Or better yet, why don't we sell them at prices we might have seen a few years back?

What does this mean?  Upto 40% off a new bike.

Thats right, while its still 2010, and while we still have stock we're selling 2010 bikes with upto 40% discount.

This includes our popular brands: Saracen, Bionicon, Winora and Haibike.

Some Examples? 30% off Saracen Zen 2, rrp £999 now £699                                                             25% off Saracen Mantra, rrp £399 now £299                                                            25% off Bionicon Edison 2 rrp £2199 now £1650

Pop on by and see what else we have going on.

Find Your Trail... @ BikeSeven


October Promotion.....   October Promotion.....   October Promotion.....

All month long, Buy a New Saracen Tufftrax, either Men's, Womens or Kids and get a FREE Helmet and Cable Lock. Bike's start at £200, and the helmet/lock combo is worth £50. Great deal? We think so.

Smile's and BikeSeven's Friendly customer service is also included in this deal at no extra cost.  :-) 

Find Your Trail... at BikeSeven

The Saracen Tufftrax Range, at BikeSeven, with a free Helmet and Lock.

04/09/10    Eurobike has been and gone for another year, it was intense, thousands of people, thousands of bikes!  Highlights include doing 50 on an electric mountain bike, seeing what our brands are doing for 2011 and checking out which stand had the best supply of beer and german sausages!

BikeSeven is back open for business again, and we're geared up and ready for September.

Find Your trail... @ BikeSeven

10/08/10     It's that time of the year again, Eurobike 2010 is soon upon us, and BikeSeven will be heading over to Germany to check out all the new bikes and gear for 2011.  This does mean however that the shop will be shut for a few days, this is our holiday for the year, well, a working holiday, but we're making a roadtrip of it, so if anyone wants some Bratwurst and SourKraut brought back, let us know!

BikeSeven wil be closed from Noon Monday 30th August til 9.15am Saturday 4th September 2010.

So to minimise any inconvenience to you, please arrange servicing and delivery well ahead of these dates.


01/07/10     As if our customer service and great brands weren't enough, we are now open later through the week!

So, Monday you can visit us til 6.30pm in the evening and Wednesdays til 7.30pm.  No more waiting til saturday to drop of your bike for a service or buy a new tube if your a 9 to 5-er. 

Thats good news for everyone.     

p.s.   this is something we're trying out, if it pleases everyone, we'll keep doing it, if not, well, we'll still be working late in shop anyway!

p.p.s.  if you bring the mechanic some dinner, he might even fix your bike for free!

30/06/10      Website Development still ongoing, but i'm adding a 'News' Tab until i get the blog properly up and running!